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May Special

Digital Patient Charts are an electronic medical record in a digital version of a paper chart that contains all of a patient’s medical history from one practice, and can be used by providers for diagnosis and treatment.

Digital Patient Charts are more beneficial than paper records because it allows providers to:

  • Eco-Friendly/Paperless
  • Dentist/Assistant/Hygienist can directly enter information.
  • Other departments/providers/staff can easily review or enter information/orders.
  • Duplication is minimized.
  • Medication errors are minimized/eliminated.
  • Time is saved by not having to look through paper records.
  • If a patient moves, it's easier to transmit records to the new provider.
  • Referrals - We are able to correspond with specialists faster and more accurately to provide the best care possible.
  • Designs to contain and share information from all providers involved in a patient's care.